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Prismacolor Ferrari California by stevebrandon Prismacolor Ferrari California by stevebrandon
This is a drawing I did in Prismacolor coloured pencils of the "smiling" face of a Ferrari California on display on Preston Street during the 2009 Ottawa Ferrari Festival courtesy of the Ferrari Québec Ferrari/Maserati dealership in Montreal. It is based on this photo.

This was actually the first drawing I started of this car, but it was the second I completed. I finished my Ferrari California oil pastel drawing of the same car in December.

It's also the first coloured pencil drawing that I've completed in almost a year and a half. This one's 17 inches by 13 inches, which is larger than my previous few coloured pencil drawings, which were 12 inches by 9 inches.

The smile of the Ferrari California in the original photo reminds me of the grin of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. This photo was taken pretty darn close to the grille of the car, so the grin looks even wider than usual. Also, the glass dome of the Ferrari California usually look wedge-shaped, but thanks to foreshortening, they look much more round.

The advantage of drawing the car from this close and low angle is that I was able to put a decent amount of detail into the Ferrari prancing horse emblem.
Daniel-Storm Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2010
Cool! I like the composition with the car filling the page at an interesting "in your face" angle. Your proportions look good, and you did a great job on the extreme foreshortening. You have a wonderful range of values here. Very good piece of work! :clap:
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